Waterstorage silos

wide range of dimensions

Waterstorage silos

The combination of well engineerd steel shells,  high quality inner liners, and over 60 years experience, result in a wide range of high quality tanks. From Horticulture to fishfarming, NPI always has the right storage system for your specific needs.

Tank types

Standard Tanks

NPI produces and delivers high quality metal silos with a guaranteed long lifespan, and UV resistant inner liner. Various covering options.

Short panel tanks

For easier transportation possibilities, NPI supplies short panel tanks that will fit in the widt of a truck or container to use minimal space.

E-Range tanks

NPI produces and supplies heavy duty tanks, for critical performance, like fire fighting, drinking water, fishfarming and industrial use.


Process water
Drinking water
Fire water
Irrigation water
Manure storage
Liquid food storage


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NPI has a suitable film for every application, like clean (drinking) water, recirculated irrigation water, etc..


NPI has a suitable solution for the connection of your tanks to the pumps. Ask for our possibilities.


For the various purposes we have various solutions to cover and protect the precious water. Both standard solutions and specifically engineerd covers.

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Data sheets

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