Water storage for greenhouses, Tunisia

During the past sixteen years, NPI has supplied no less than 125 water silos to a respected tomato grower in Tunisia. The constant expansion of operations and the geological challenges faced by the company mean that NPI regularly supplies the facility with new water tanks. 

This tomato grower is one of the global market leaders in growing and exporting tomatoes. Our client began with 5 hectares in the late 1980s, before expanding to a total area of around 43 hectares during the past thirty years. No less than 15 hectares of greenhouses have been built in recent years, which explains why the demand for water tanks has been almost constant. The geological conditions experienced by this grower are also extremely challenging. The desert landscape where they operate has a high salt concentration, which leads to more rapid oxidation of the steel. This means there is a large replacement market.

The regular supply of metal water tanks has led to a lasting partnership with our Tunisian client. This is typical for NPI: thanks to our long-term partnerships and commitment, we have accumulated a group of valuable regular clients.