Water storage for date farms, Tunisia

In Tunisia another water tank was installed. This Ø 9,14 meter tank with a height of 2,29 meter was installed at a date farm in the midwest of Tunisia.

Tunisian oases are located in the mid/south of Tunisia which is characterized by a Saharian climate receiving a quantity of rainfall less than 150 mm/year. Date cultivation represents 12% of the total value of Tunisian agricultural exports and is thus a very important export product. Dates can survive in extreme conditions like high temperatures and long periods of drought, but date palms are thirsty and for high (-quality) yields adquate irrigation is needed.

Global warming and growing water scarcity are challenges the Tunisian date farms have to deal with nowadays. Our water storage tanks can help battling the water stress and scarcity. They are evolving to meet the challenges of an increasingly unstable climate. 

This customer installed more than 100 NPI tanks in this part of Tunisia the past 15 years.