Tanks for drinking water supply, Angola

Angola’s largest and most important water supply company, hired us via a partner to construct a water supply system. Covering over 48,000 hectares, the system supplies water for domestic use in six neighborhoods in the southern part of Luanda, the country’s capital.

Since drinking water is stored in the tanks, steel roofs were chosen as cover. Of all the covering options, steel roofs provide the most solid protection and complete coverage. That is why this type of cover is mainly used for the storage of drinking water and other delicate liquids. This protects them against dirt and rainwater that could enter from the top. Steel roofs also offer protection against evaporation and all weather conditions.

Our steel roofs are easy to install. The roof consists of light, manageable panels that can be linked together for a watertight cover. The steel cover is standard equipped with two hatches that give access to the tank.