Processed water for a poultry farm, Thailand

Project info

NPI recently produced and supplied  5 tanks for a poultry factory in Bangkok. It is essential that this poultry factory has a constant supply of accessible, good quality water for the factory. Water is costly and scarce and recirculation is the ultimate solution, offering major savings. Moreover, to ensure good quality water, the water should be treated effectively.

Therefore this poultry factory had a water processing system installed, fed by 5 NPI tanks. In two 1000 m3 tanks, measuring 18,21 x 3,81 meters, water from a natural source is being collected. The processed water ends up in three 192 m3 tanks, measuring 7,32 x 4,57 meters. The water treatment capacity is 340 m3 per hour, running 24/7.

For the three smaller tanks NPI delivered the steel roofs. The galvanised steel roof is one of our most robust covering systems and is an excellent way of fully covering a water silo. It is the perfect closing system for drinking water and other liquids that require protection from contamination, evaporation and  different weather conditions.

The steel roof is easy to install by linking the lightweight panels together. The steel roof is provided with two hatches as standard to allow access to the tank. We deliver galvanised steel roofs for tanks  with a diameter of up to 14.63 metres.