Pond liner for holiday park, Otterlo

Every holiday park needs a beautiful pond, and NPI is often involved in their construction. NPI has supplied large, customised pond liners to many holiday parks in the Netherlands and Belgium. These pond liners provide the basis for unique ponds. Regardless of whether it’s a natural pond or a pond with a round or straight shape, the pond liner can be supplied in any shape or size.

Last year, NPI supplied 5500 m2 of PVC pond liner for a holiday park in Otterlo. NPI is now well acquainted with this holiday park, as we have supplied pond liners for other ponds on the same site. The 15 film sections were prefabricated at our production location and welded together on location by two of our specialists.

Due to the future expansion of the holiday park, we expect to put our expertise to good use here again soon!