Fish farming, Azerbaijan

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Sturgeon Farm
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Fish farming
Enpex FPP 0,75

Project info

A renowned turnkey greenhouse constructor commissioned NPI to supply 88 steel tanks, as part of a new build sturgeon farm in Azerbaijan. The weather around the Caspian Sea is often unpredictable with strong winds. Due to these climatic conditions, tanks with extra reinforcement were required. The lower rings of these tanks were coated and panels with a minimum thickness of 1 mm were applied.

Our broad range of standard tank sizes enabled our client to easily configure tanks with different diameters. What all 88 tanks had in common however, was the applied liner and the relatively low height of 1,78 meters. In fish farming fairly low silos are preferred because of the great deal of work activity and splash water. Moreover, the tanks were partially buried to provide the ideal working height from outside.

All tanks were lined with our fish friendly and durable ENPEX FPP 0,75 film. Fish farms also benefit the simple installation, maintenance and durability of our water tanks. In addition, our tanks are resistant to high pressure with a minimum safety margin of 40%, which is absolutely essential in aquaculture.

Several shipments of steel and liner for this project were sent to Azerbaijan. NPI ships across the globe by land, sea and air freight. Via our network of reliable carriers, we can arrange quick and economical international transport.

Once the shipment arrived, one of our staff travelled to Azerbaijan to assist with the installation on location.

Project Location

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