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Over 60 years experience

Producer from the very beginning

NPI has now been manufacturing for over 60 years and has become one of Europe’s major water storage experts. The cooperation with worldwide partners, dealers, agents and suppliers, combined with external independend engineers, the high quality materials and solutions supplied, is the base of our succes. Succes we share with our partners.


We have a network of long-standing, successful distributors located across the world from Canada to Russia and the Middle East.

Each year we welcome new partners, and we would like to welcome you as well.

Our extensive tank range, with liners and covers to suit many applications giving our customers maximum opportunity to grow their businesses, and to offer their customers just the right tank at just the right price.

With various Certificates as KIWA, AEO and ISO 9001 on the way, we are committed to continuous improvement. In addition to our commitment to excellent product quality, research and development means that our resellers can enhance their company’s image by offering their customers good NPI value and an NPI water tank that will meet their needs for many years to come.

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