How to optimally secure your water tank

Empty water tanks

When your water storage tank is empty, it absolutely needs to be secured. As written before, it is really important to have a proper foundation. Besides this, it is also very important to give good stability to the tank, especially in situations when there is no water in the tank. Wind can slightly move the tank, potentially causing damage to the liner or deforming the circular shape.

Tanks on concrete

In many occasions the tank base is excavated for approximately 40 cm deep, but also many water tanks are installed directly on the concrete base. When installed on concrete, we always use tank base brackets. These brackets are L-shaped and their job is to join the concrete bottom with the erected metal tank wall at a 90 degree angle, creating a whole lot of extra support.


When installing a water tank, always fill the tank first before attaching the tank base brackets to the concrete. This allows the tank to settle first.

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