Aquaculture: optimal water for production

Keeping control over the quality and quantity of your water is essential for aquaculture in order to have the highest yield at the lowest costs. Weather it is fish, shrimps, algae or whatever food you grow, we offer you high quality water storage solutions for growing your products.

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Vertical farming

When land is scarce, vertical farming is the solution for optimal yields. Higher tanks give higher efficiency at small areas.

Blue Aqua (Singapore) is growing tilapia fish in these tanks


NPI offers affordable and modular systems for raceways in any desired dimension. It is easy to transport and fast to install. All raceways can be produced to your specific requirements.

Wide range of capacities

We offer a large range of capacities with different shapes, diameters and heights. The advantages of the tanks are:

  • High capacity on small area
  • Modular system, easy to transport and fast and easy to install
  • Durably coated with long lifetime
  • Lining material is suitable for contact with drinking water
  • Different heights for easy access to the tanks
  • Safety for fish and man!

    Our modular tanks are made to measure and can be manufactured and finished in various ways with various optional extras. For instance, in fish farming there uses to be a great deal of work activity and splash water around the water tanks. When desired, extra protection to the tanks can be realized by coating the lower rings, increasing the sheet thickness or overlapping the liner over the edge.
    In short: our mission is to meet the specific demands of any customer.

    Project in Azerbaijan

    Safety first

    Not only the quality of your water is important, but also the system needs to be save. Both for you as for your products. All our liner materials are suitable for contact with consumption goods. The materials do not give any substances to the water that can possibly pollute your water and they are very fish-friendly. Besides, all our tanks are certified and designed minimum 40% stronger than required for the storage of water, which is absolutely essential in aquaculture.

    NPI water tanks

    Our metal water tanks are often used in fish farms due to the many benefits they offer. They offer you great control over:

    • Nutrition; due to the closed system no waste of nutrition.
    • Pollution; you are in control of all materials entering the water and there is no connection to open sea. You can connect the tanks to your filtration systems.
    • Climate; the modular tanks can be placed inside, so no effects from wind or sun.
    • Temperature; control the temperature of your area and water.

    And further:

    • Feeding and harvesting operations require less time and labor compared to ponds.
    • No corners so no collected water
    • Liners don’t give substances to water or creature
    • The flow pattern and circulation is better in circular tanks.
    Want to know more about the possibilities in water storage for fish farming? Contact us!