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Since the late 1950’s NPI is leading producer for  various liquids storage systems in different markets worldwide. From storing  temporary water for civil engineering, reservoirs for fishfarming, fire tanks for emergency, manure storage for agriculture or molassis in harbours, NPI has a solution.


NPI delivers high quality metal silos with internal liners; - durable product - easy to install - high capacity on small area - world wide transport

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Excavated reservoirs

In our factory we prefabricate liners under ideal circumstances; - high quality - easy to install - UV resistant - worldwide transport

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Specialists in Waterstorage

Supervision & training

NPI offers excellent assistance and training for our dealers.

Customised solutions

NPI provides customised solutions in all forms of storage systems.


NPI applies high quality standards, proven by elaborate certificates.

Water storage and treatment Tunisia

On the edge of the Sahara, Tunisia, NPI has supplied over 50 tanks for storage and treatment of irrigation water.

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